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Skyline Design


Skyline Design has set industry standards for over 30 years. They have been partnering with leading architects, artists, and designers to redefine patterned glass in architecture. Skyline brings their extraordinary background to offer a robust offering of backpainted glass for markerboard applications rounding out their glass offerings, all proudly manufactured in the USA. 

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Artline Group
DesignForm Furnishings

DesignForm FURNishings

Offering hundreds of products, DesignForm's expansive catalog offers something to even the most particular of clients. With brilliantly crafted chairs, stools, lounge chairs & sofas, there’s something to fit every space of your hotel, restaurant, public seating area or bar.

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Kusch + Co


Expanko Resilient Flooring, a Stonhard brand, has manufactured high performance floors for commercial environments since 1945.  With seven design-friendly product lines for a variety of commercial markets from education to transportation to hospitality, Expanko leverages high performance, low maintenance and environmentally sensitive, safe floors.  With over 70 years of excellence in high performance floors, Expanko continues to deliver innovative design options without sacrificing performance. 

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Culp Hospitality

Culp Hospitality

Founded by the Culp family in 1972, Culp has supplied upholstery and mattress fabrics to customers across the globe. Along the way, earning a reputation for quality and innovation – and inspiring smart design. Today, hospitality designers and hotel brands trust us to deliver cost-effective, on-trend fabrics with timeless appeal.

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Oasis Berco is a Joint Venture formed n 2018 between Frem Group (UK) and Berco Designs (US).

Oasis Berco manufactures privacy solutions including Office Phone Booths, Privacy Pods and Privacy Hubs.


Find out more about our 100% produced in the USA Oasis Soft and Oasis Linear range of modern office furniture.


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Oasis Berco
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